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Belli Fiori started, like our lavender plants, with a small seed planted long ago. In 1945, Joseph Proietti bought a plot of land just outside of San Francisco and began growing flowers—gladiolas, roses, daisies, and everything in between. After retiring in 1978, the Proietti family’s flower endeavors laid dormant for a 40-year winter, until Lisa and Dave Proietti, planted the first sprigs that would blossom into the Belli Fiori fields that grow today.

Now Belli Fiori cares for over 1,500 plants spanning eleven different varieties. Lisa also creates specialty, small-batch aromatherapy, culinary, and body care products which are available in the farmhouse shop or online. Located off of 24 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado, Belli Fiori is the perfect home away from home for locals or a memorable destination for visitors to the valley.


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